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Natural, Practical, Effective & Customized

Solutions to reach your personal or group health goals. Learn how food, lifestyle, exercise, restful sleep and other customized, natural strategies improve your health and longevity.

Root Causes of Health Conditions

Discover the underlying causes and the natural solutions to reverse and prevent chronic health conditions.

Group Workshops & Lectures

Bring the message of natural health to your company, organization, center, club, church, friends and family. Empower your organization to support individuals and families in making life-long healthy choices. Health topics are customized to your group needs and goals.

What to Expect in a Personal Appointment

Like a personal health coach, Diane will help you take control of your health. During a first visit, you will discuss your health goals, health history, and habits including food, sleep, exercise, stress etc. Diane will help you discover any blocking factors to health and partner with you to customize a personalized health plan using natural and practical approaches such as menu planning, lifestyle changes (sleep, stress, exercise, etc.), supplements, detoxification, herbs, and healthier ways of living (cooking, personal care and cleaning products, etc.). She gives you the practical steps you need, taking the mystery out of health.

Simple to Complex

Clients come with a variety of health goals -- to feel better and have more energy, improve the (family) diet and longevity, optimize weight, resolve a chronic health condition, improve focus and performance, age well, etc. Typical health concerns include autoimmune conditions (arthritis, diabetes, lupus, etc.), cardiovascular conditions, digestive issues, detox, fatigue, feeling unwell in general, food allergies, fungal infections, headaches, pain, sleep issues, health for pregnancy, stress, special diets, sports nutrition, and more.

Save Money

No programs. The number of appointments depends on what you desire. Diane does not sell products nor are lab tests often necessary. Selling products would limit or bias options for her clients. Tests can be expensive, inaccurate, and indicative of symptoms but not root causes. Understanding health history and symptoms are usually enough to reveal health issues and lead the way to effective solutions.

Will You Choose Health?

Become the human being you are meant to be. Healthy food and lifestyle choices affect your fitness, life span, mood, and your ability to think, sleep, be creative, move (pain free), resist disease and infections, be happy and kind to others and so much more. Discover healthy choices that reveal the better you of today and tomorrow. Unlock your God-given health.

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