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Healthy Made Simple:
The One Ingredient Strategy


Most of my clients come to me wanting a simple solution to their health challenges.  I get it … their lives are busy with families, work, responsibilities, burdens and challenges. 


Herein lies my challenge.  I want to help them succeed.  But health is not always simple and easy. I know that a better outcome will not emerge without change.  If their current lifestyle could achieve health, they wouldn’t have come to me.  And I won’t compromise.  Healthy is healthy.  Shortcuts, fake foods, cheat days and the like will not benefit them in the long run. 


Although there may not be an “easy button” to become healthy overnight, there are easier approaches.  Consider the one ingredient strategy: eating foods having only one ingredient.  This plan of action will get you far along in your journey to health.  Of course, there are exceptions to every rule.  But if you want simple, the one ingredient program may work for you.


It’s simple … choose foods that have only one ingredient. Choose God-made, mostly whole foods, in the form He created them to be eaten. Then, how you combine them is up to you.   


You will become an ingredient reader.  I often tell my clients on their first visit, “If you remember only one thing I tell you, remember to always read the ingredients of every food product you buy.”  Even better, eat foods primarily that have no ingredient label – such as most fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, nuts, seeds, dry beans, eggs etc. 


I remember when it first occurred to me how important reading food labels were.  I sometimes bought frozen berries, but never considered reading the label ingredients.  Why would there be anything in my frozen berries except berries.  But one day I read the ingredients and discovered sugar in my frozen strawberries. Sugar??!!  Wow, I was surprised.  This taught me the very good lesson – never assume, always read the ingredients.


Single ingredient food examples include most fresh vegetables and fruits, fresh herbs, nuts, seeds, beans, eggs, fish, chicken, meats, etc.  Yes, there are guidelines qualifying which forms are best.  A Nutritionist or Naturopath, like myself, can help you better understand how to make this plan work well. Overall, this rule will move you towards the goal of health and steer you away from many of the processed, toxic and harmful pitfalls along the way.

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