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Natural and effective solutions for health.
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  • A Nutritionist provides food solutions for health.
  • A Naturopath provides the natural solutions you need to chronic health issues including food and beyond.

Telehealth & Virtual: Available worldwide!

All appointments now available via telephone.
All presentations now available virtually.

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Natural, Practical, Effective & Customized

Do you want natural - practical - effective - customized solutions?
Transform your health with a personalized, natural health plan of action.

Root Causes of Health Conditions

Lean how to live free of disease and medicines.
Unlock the underlying causes and the natural solutions
to reverse and prevent chronic health conditions.

Group Workshops & Lectures

Bring the message of natural health to your whole group! Organizations, companies, centers, clubs, churches and your group of friends and family. Empower everyone in your life to make life-long healthy choices. Topics and practical solutions are customized to your group needs and goals.

What to Expect in a Personal Appointment:

With Your Own Personal Health Coach!

A first visit covers your health goals, health history, and habits including food, sleep, exercise, stress etc. You will uncover blocking factors to health, address the root causes of health issues and get a customized health plan. Unlock your vibrant health with menu planning, lifestyle changes (sleep, stress, exercise, etc.), supplements, detoxification, herbs, and healthier ways of doing life (cooking, personal care, cleaning etc.). Live with energy and joy. Get your step-by-step action plan that takes the mystery out of health.

Simple to Complex

We have natural solutions to a wide variety of health goals -- i.e. to feel better, have more energy, optimize weight, resolve chronic health conditions, improve the diet (for the whole family), longevity, improve focus and performance, age well and live in health (without the need for care givers), etc.


Discover solutions for autoimmune conditions (arthritis, diabetes, lupus, etc.), cardiovascular conditions, digestive issues, detox, fatigue, feeling unwell in general, food allergies, fungal infections, headaches, pain, sleep issues, health for pregnancy, longevity, stress, special diets, sports nutrition, and more.

Save Money

We do not sell expensive programs or products. The number of appointments depends on what you want and need. Selling products would limit or bias options for clients. Lab tests are often not necessary (but can be expensive, inaccurate, and indicative of symptoms but not root causes). Understanding health history and symptoms are enough to reveal issues and solutions for health.

Will You Choose Health?

Do you want to live with energy, joy and health?
Unlock your God-given health to become who you are created to be.

Good health status improves your mood, extends your life, allows you to move freely (pain free), sleep peacefully, think clearly, be creative, resist disease and infections, be happy and kind to others, and much more.
Living in a healthy body is a wonderful feeling.

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Client Reviews

Read what clients have to say.


Absolutely was the best thing that I did in regards to my health and my family's  health.
I highly recommend Diane to guide you.
- Britt Longmore


Diane Madrigal was so much help
during such a difficult time in my life.
I learned so much about my body
through her nutritional consultations!

-Nad B

Healthy Counsel
Nutritionist and Naturopath

Temecula, California
Tel. 951-491-0482