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Healthy Made Simple:
The ONE Ingredient Strategy


In this modern life, clients often want a simple solution to health.  I get it. Our lives are already busy with family, work, responsibilities, burdens and challenges.  Who wants to take on yet another challenge?


The good news: I offer simple and practical solutions so you can succeed,
such as the one ingredient strategy.


A smart starting point --The one ingredient strategy!

Eat foods with only one ingredient.  This strategy will get you far along in your journey to health.  There are exceptions to every rule.  But, if you want simple, the one ingredient approach will likely benefit you.


The approach is truly simple: Buy foods that have only one ingredient. Choose God-made, mostly whole foods, in the form He created them to be eaten.
Then, how you creatively combine and personalize them in your daily menu is up to you.   


You will become an expert ingredient reader.  I often tell clients, “If you remember only one thing I say, remember to always read the ingredients of every food product you purchase. Even better, mainly eat foods that have no ingredient label. These are one ingredient foods." 


I remember the first time I learned the importance of reading the ingredients.  At the time, I frequently bought frozen strawberries for a morning smoothie, but never considered reading the label ingredients.  Why would there be anything in my frozen berries except berries?  I (wrongly) assumed there was only one ingredient. As I learned more about health, it occurred to me to read the ingredients and found "sugar" listed. Sugar??!!  Wow, I was surprised.  I learned a lesson I never forgot – never assume and always read the ingredients.


Single ingredient foods include most vegetables and fruits, fresh herbs, nuts, seeds, beans, eggs, fish, chicken, meats, etc.  Yes, there are more guidelines qualifying which forms of these foods are best.  A Nutritionist or Naturopath can help you optimize this strategy. Yet, the one ingredient approach to food can improve your diet and help steer clear of the many processed, toxic and harmful pitfalls along the way.


While there is no overnight “easy button” for natural health, start with a smart and simple step like this one. Unless you are in critical ill health, a strategy like this one gradually helps create health transforming habits. 



How many single ingredient foods are in your meals today?



Redesign your next meal using single ingredient foods.
Then let me know how you do!

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