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Practicing good health shouldn't be confusing. It should be practical, simple and affordable. How? With a nutritionist and naturopath as your personal "health coach." She will help you sift through all the health information, fads and products to devise a plan that works for you and gets results.


New health "diets" and discoveries make headlines almost daily ... yet one health expert contradicts the next. You may have said to yourself, "There must be a natural remedy for my condition, but who is right?" "Is this true or just a fad?" “Should I be taking astaxanthin (even if I can’t pronounce or spell it)?" "Should I be worried about xenoestrogens (whatever they are)?” Trying to sift through all the information and stay in the “know” can be overwhelming.


Health concepts can spin in your head – but a “hands on” health coach can simplify them into step by step, manageable actions.


Your health coach can help you:


find natural remedies for health conditions.

customize a menu plan so you know exactly what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

find practical strategies for eating, shopping, cooking.

improve your sleep, stress, and exercise habits.

choose supplements wisely and save money by only taking what is needed

make better choices for cookware, personal care and cleaning products

discover ways to clean up the air, water and other environmental factors in your work and home environment.

discover cleaner and more natural ways of living.

develop a health plan that works for your lifestyle and your tastes.

take the mystery out of shopping for health by creating a healthy grocery list.

take a tour of the local market, ensuring that you understand labels, manufacturer label claims, and know how to choose healthy products.

discover tasty recipes for "healthy" foods like kale and quinoa.

never again stare into the fridge blankly, wondering what would be healthy and appealing for dinner -- for the entire family.

if you don't cook or just enjoy eating out, learn how to eat out wisely and make healthy choices in restaurants and on the go.


Bottom line, a good nutritionist and naturopath gives you the practical “tools” to reach your health goals (naturally) and take control of your health.

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