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Healthy Habits for Prevention & Longevity

Optimize your health and longevity, prevent disease and strengthen the body, mind and emotions. Learn natural and practical approaches like menu planning, lifestyle changes, supplements, exercise, detox strategies, etc. Clean up your foods, personal care products, home (air, water, cleaning products), work place and more. Discover root causes and solutions to chronic conditions. Learn the keys to living and aging well. Appointments are customized to your needs. Popular options are below.

Health Topics

Nutrition Topics

- Menu Planning

- Healthy Diet

- Healthy Recipes
  for breakfast, lunch & dinner

- How to Choose Healthy Foods

- How to Shop for Health

- How to Cook for Health

- Pantry Makeovers

- How to Eat Out & Be Healthy

- Decoding Food Labels

- Truth Behind the Food

- How to Vegetable Juice

- Water and Choosing Filters

- Portion Sizes

Healthy Living

- Detox Your Life

- Creating a Healthy Home
  & Work Environment

- Healthy Personal Care

- Healthy Cleaning

- Biblical Health

- Exercise

- Emotional Health

- Supplements ... which to take?


Health for Specific Goals

- Weight Loss

- Sleep Improvement

- Health for Children

- Healthy for Pregnancy

- Sports Nutrition

- Longevity &
  Disease Prevention

- Dental Health

- Travel Health





Health Condition Solutions

- Solutions for Health Diseases

- Cold & Flu Prevention

- Immunity & Prevention

- Stress Solutions

- Emotional Eating Solutions


Health Topic Details

Clean Up My Diet Review your current diet and learn practical suggestions for improvement.
How to Choose
Healthy Foods
Understand which foods are healthy and how they differ from conventional choices. This process produces a very practical, healthy shopping list.
Healthy Eating Essentials Learn the essentials of healthy eating.
How to
Shop for Health
Take a virtual tour of the supermarket with an expert. Do you get confused and overwhelmed in the grocery store? Take the mystery out of the grocery store so you can provide nourishing food for your family. Learn how to choose healthy foods, personal care products and supplements. Learn how to read food labels, which products and ingredients promote health, and which potentially cause harm.  Learn which foods are genetically modified (GMOs) and how to choose healthy foods on a budget. Learn to discern marketing buzz from the truth.  Note: It is best to bring all the family's shoppers on the tour ... otherwise they might bring back the unhealthy products you stopped buying!
Pantry Makeovers Evaluate the food in your pantry, refrigerator and freezer. Get tips on how to replace less healthy foods with tasty, healthier choices.
Recipes Get healthy recipes for healthy meals.
Menu Planning Customize a meal plan specific for your goals, specific health concerns, and lifestyle.
Healthy Cooking Learn how to cook for health.
Eating Out Learn how to eat for health in restaurants.
Weight Loss

Learn how to lose weight the healthy way.
View all the weight loss topics here.

Healthy Home & Work Create a healthy home and work environment for you and your family.
Healthy Personal Care Clean up your personal care products (body and skin care, cosmetics, etc.) to detoxify your life. Learn to make your own personal care products.
Healthy Cleaning Clean up your cleaning products to detoxify your life. Learn to make your own your own healthy cleaning products.
Detox Your Life Learn how to naturally detoxify your body from environmental chemicals, pollution, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, radiation, poor diets, and all potential hazards of modern living.
Health for Pregnancy Health and nutrition for pregnancy.
Health for Kids Help your children learn healthy eating and health habits for a lifetime. Solutions for picky eaters, etc.

Health for Longevity,

Disease Prevention,
& Healthy Aging


Health span v. Life span. Optimize your health to enjoy life to the fullest. Slow the aging process and prevent disease. It's not your biological age that matters but your immune and metabolic age, both of which can be improved through simple lifestyle changes.
Health Conditions Learn natural remedies for specific health conditions.
See list of common health conditions.
Sports Nutrition Learn natural health and nutrition approaches to excel in sports, fitness, muscle strength etc.
Biblical Health & Healing Learn what the Bible says about health, healing and spiritual root causes of disease. Learn both how to be healed by God and support that health with God-given, life-enhancing practices that maintain mental, physical and emotional health.
Improve Your Sleep Learn how to naturally improve your sleep for optimal rest, restoration and healing.
Stress &
Emotional Health
Learn natural solutions for stress, emotional health, emotional eating, etc. Healing your heart will protect your health.
Cold & Flu Prevention Learn natural cold and flu remedies and prevention.
Dental Health Learn how to optimize your dental health and prevent disease.
Travel Health Learn tips for staying healthy while you travel.
Food Facts &
Decoding Food Labels
Understand what is in your food, how to read and decode food labels and make healthier choices.
Supplements Understand how to read and decode supplement labels and make healthier choices.
Truth Behind the Food Discover the untold truths behind the food we eat, the products we use and our toxic environment so that you can make healthier choices. Sample topics include: food production and processing, chemically treated water, radiation, pasteurization, food and chemical additives, heavy metals, genetically modified foods and "health" foods that are actually unhealthy.
Portion Sizes Understand healthy food portion sizes.
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