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Group Workshops & Lectures

Online / virtual presentations and workshops available.

Bring the message of natural health to your company, organization, center, club, church, friends and family. Empower your organization to support individuals and families in making life-long healthy choices. Health topics are customized to your group needs and goals.

Vitamin Shoppe Talk

Private Groups, Clubs, Churches &
Centers (Retirement, Rehabilitation) etc.

Choose from customized topics to bring health to your group such as:
  •    "How to Choose Healthy Foods"
  •    "A Vrtual Tour of the Market - How to Shop for Health"
  •    "Keys to Longevity - Living and Aging Well"

Menu Review

Diane is skilled at reviewing menus and meal plans. She can help your chefs and staff understand which foods are better choices, and give feedback and healthy ideas along with recipes for health.

School Programs

Bring the message of health to your school -- a life skill truly worth learning! Health topics are customized to your age group and theme. Presentations are interactive with many visual aids to bring the message of health to young minds. Diane can also review your meal plans, snack shop and vending machine offerings, and make suggestions for health. Diane has many creative ideas for schools to get kids excited about and involved in nutrition. Eating habits from childhood often carry over into adulthood. Therefore, investing in helping kids make healthy choices now allows them to develop life-long healthy habits and become adults with healthy body weights, lower risk of diseases, etc.

Workplace Wellness Programs

Companies are discovering that employee health and wellness programs makes good business sense. Employers can improve both the health and the productive output of employees. The benefits include reduced health care costs; decreased employee turnover; fewer stress, sick days and injuries; and increased morale, retention and productivity.

The Benefits
There are many real benefits to workplace wellness programs. There is increasing evidence to support implementation of programs in all types of companies and businesses, big or small. With all the benefits, its not surprising more and more employers are choosing to implement workplace wellness programs within their companies. Workplace wellness programs can do the following:


High Return on Investment
Did you know employee wellness is considered a potential high return on investment for employers due to rising health care costs? In fact, research now suggests employers get an average of $3.48 back in reduced health care costs and $5.82 in lower absenteeism cost for every dollar spent on employee wellness. Employers who live more healthy lifestyles have reduced sick leave, improved work performance, decrease health insurance costs, increased productivity and reduced overall costs.

Reduce absenteeism
It has been shown healthier employees spend fewer days away from work due to illness, saving the company thousands, even millions, of dollars on down time and temporary employment. Additionally, because good health typically carries over into better family choices, your employees could possibly miss less work caring for sick family members.

Control Increasing Health Care Costs
Today, employers have a vested interest in health-related issues and reducing unnecessary medical costs that consume corporate profits and employee paychecks. For many companies, medical costs can consume half of corporate profits…or more!

Improve Productivity
While it is not as easily measured as the increase in health care costs, improved employee morale and productivity plays a big role in the success of a business.

Improve Presenteeism
Presenteeism is a new phenomenon occurring when employees are at work but do not feel as productive as usual due to stress, depression, injury or illness.

Reduce Injuries
Healthy employees with less risk factors are at a lower risk for injury than those unhealthy employees with more risk factors. Classes are a popular means of trying to prevent injury, including exercise classes, smoking cessation courses, back care programs and stress management lectures. More examples of workplace wellness programs / courses include health education classes, subsidized use of fitness facilities; internal policies that promote healthy behavior and any other activity, policy or environmental change that affects employee health.

Improve Employee Morale and Retention
People spend more awake hours at work than anywhere else, on average 50 hours a week, so it’s up to employers to take aggressive action towards implementing workplace wellness programs. Corporate wellness programs play a key role in maintaining and improving employee relations and morale, as well as send a clear message to employees that management values their well-being. Employee turnover is expensive and an employee wellness program is an added benefit to encourage employee retention. Bottom line, a healthy, motivated workforce is vitally important to a company as a whole.

Keeping Healthy Employees in a Lower Cost Group
Aside from helping improve the health of already at-risk employees, workplace wellness programs also have a huge impact on healthy individuals, raising awareness so employees with fewer risk factors remain in a lower cost group.

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