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Absolutely was the best thing that I did in regards to my health and my family's health. I highly recommend Diane to guide you.
- Britt Longmore


My symptoms are gone!  No more bloating, gas, or headaches.  I've even lost 26 pounds in the process!  I'm so happy and I wanted to thank you.
-Cynthia Inman


I have told many people how much Diane has helped me and highly recommend her. Diane helped me many years ago with Ulcerative Colitis/IBS. To this day, I have continued to follow the path she set me on to control my condition. Pain and med free for almost ten years now. She is amazing.
- Yvette Nares


Listen to what she has to say and find the strength to make the changes she suggests to you. It will all work for you in the end. I have lost a total of 60lbs so far..."WOW."
-Margaret Sparks


Diane Madrigal was so much help during such a difficult time in my life. I learned so much about my body through her nutritional consultations!

-Nad B

I started working with Diane with the goal of losing weight. She was very thorough and we were able to figure out a plan to get to the root of what was stumping my weight loss. Currently I have lost almost 20 lbs but my life and body have improved in so many other ways. I used to constantly feel tired, was anxious, had constant cravings, had food sensitivities, and my body just overall felt not great. Within my first month these were the changes I noticed: All day energy, increased focus, almost no anxiety, I have been able to handle stress with ease, more motivation, weight-loss, decreased cravings, and decreased symptoms of PMS. On top of all of this, I was able to gain so much knowledge about the power of healing through food. I highly recommend working with Diane if you're looking to get healthy and have someone help you every step of the way.

-Blanca Gomez


Diane was super nice, extremely helpful, and very responsive to all of my questions. She doesn't just give you a pill, but works with practical habits that can help your everyday life to improve your health. I 10/10 recommend her for help and support. I've seen so many doctors that don't help, but Diane gave us natural solutions that feel so much better in our lives.

-Angelina Herrera


I would highly recommend you try "Healthy Counsel Nutritionist." I came looking for a way to put some muscle on, and lose some weight and I was very satisfied with what I was able to achieve thanks to the counseling I received. I ended up learning lots about a healthier way to actually choose foods!

-Carlos Correa


I sought advice and help from Diane. I needed guidance with food and nutrition I learned so much! I was also given recipes that were very helpful. Meetings with her changed my life and how I viewed food I felt so much better living a healthier lifestyle.

-Jennifer Z.

Amazing! After 2-3 yrs suffering she knew right away what the problem likely is. I ordered the right test got my diagnosis and I'm going to start the program now!! Thank you so much!!!

-Girls From A.

I had a great experience with Diane. She was very helpful and knowledgeable.

- Jennifer Jones


Just finished an interview with Ms. Diane Madrigal about her profession for my college career research paper. She was so honest, kind, and knowledgeable, I couldn't have asked for someone better to receive my information from. She literally shorts herself on earning potential just to keep her integrity and link with God. If this isn't a trustworthy person then I don't know who is. I know this review isn't about me attending her services, but I believe she should be recognized.

- Ibraheem Mohammed


Before I came to Diane, I had tried Nutrisystem and Jenni Craig without any long term consistency. I would lose weight while eating their food, and then regain what I had lost, and sometimes even more, once I left the program. With Diane, I learned how to change my eating and exercise lifestyle.  She taught me where to shop for food and what to purchase. She even took me on a "field trip" to the market to give me first hand experience that left me with the confidence that I could continue once I left her program.  I have since lost 20 pounds so far and have dropped from a 42 inch waist to a 38 inch waist.  I have kept this weight off for more than a year. More importantly, I am off of Statins because her nutritional guidance has lowered my cholesterol. Because these drugs promote weight gain, I anticipate further weight loss.  I have not only learned the importance of diet and exercise for a healthier lifestyle, but they have become a way of life for me. I will soon be 60 and my goal is to drop another 20 pounds this year. Thank you Diane.

Thanks so much for everything that you have done to help Phil get onto a healthier lifestyle.  The two of us are now benefiting from much healthier meals.
- Phil's Wife


I can't thank you enough.  I never would have suspected dairy could be problematic for me.  The doctors tested me for food allergies and said I was not allergic to dairy.  But you suspected it and suggested that I try eliminating dairy. I feel so much better now.  Thank you. 


I am so happy to be feeling sooooo much better.  I had so any problems because of Candida (biopsy confirmed).  Allergies, headaches, gas, bloating, stomach problems, just felt bad all the time.  I went to Diane and she put me on a protocol that has put my body back to working properly. I am so thankful for the great advice.  As a side benefit, I lost about 10 pounds. That was very nice.  I am going to continue my good eating habits so that I can enjoy life more!
-Sharon Morgan


I have lived with fibromyalgia like symptoms on and off for several years … chronic muscle pain, inflammation, fatigue, brain fog and often depression.  I changed my diet to exclude all sugar and wheat and  I met with Diane to see if I was on the right track and to see about getting tested for food allergies. She persuaded me to hold off on paying for allergy testing (saving me money) and instead address the possibility of having a fungal infection so I followed her recommendations for 3 months … no alcohol, sugar, wheat etc. and all my symptoms with the exception of muscle pain disappeared (which we will work on next).  I have now learned and cannot stress enough the importance of addressing nutrition and gut issues…what you eat and how your gut metabolizes it is what drives your engine and Diane can help you with this most fundamental key to good health. Pills and quick fixes are not permanent solutions and often cause long term harm and imbalances. Diet and lifestyle changes are not easy… you have to do the work but you will be rewarded if you follow Diane's advice.  
-Laurie R.

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