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Weight Loss Options

Blocking Factors Uncover the blocking factors to weight loss.
#1 Strategy Discover the #1 strategy for weight loss.
Smart Food Strategies Learn specific food strategies for weight loss.
Metabolism Boosters Discover the metabolism boosters for weight loss.
How to Choose
Healthy Foods
Make healthier food choices.
Create your customized grocery list.
How to Shop for Health Take a virtual tour of the grocery market
and learn how to make healthy choices.
Reading Labels Decode food labels.
True Hunger Understanding True Hunger vs. Mindless Eating
Healthy Cooking Methods Learn how to cook for health.
Menu Planning Learn what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Recipes Get healthy recipes for healthy meals.
Eating Out Learn how to eat for health in restaurants & travel.
Portion Sizes Understand healthy food portion sizes.


Why Can't I Lose Weight?

Many trying to lose weight place their hope in the wrong diet or strategy. Many also overlook one or more key, but not commonly understood, blocking factors.


A naturopath and nutritionist can help reveal the factors preventing you from achieving your healthy weight and customize a plan that unlocks your path to success. Weight loss strategies need to be customized to your needs and will require a nexus of smart actions.


Discover the answers to key questions such as:

- Why is the diet I am on not working?

- Why can I never lose more than about 10 pounds?
   I lose 10, gain 10 and hit a “plateau.”

- Why do I feel irritable when trying to lose weight?

- Are all calories equal?

- Are all proteins equal?

- Is it better to eat snacks or not to snack?

- What is the best timing for meals?

- What are smart exercise choices?

- What is the best time to exercise?

- Is it better to skip a meal or not?

- What is the best meal size?

- Do I have to count calories?


Learn how the success of your weight loss is affected by:

- sleep

- emotions

- stress

- nutrient deficiencies

- prescription medications

- environmental toxins

- pathogens including parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi

- heavy metal toxicity

- gene polymorphisms


Learn keys for success:

- The secret food for weight loss.

- Metabolism boosters for weight loss.

- Smart food strategies for weight loss.

- How to choose healthy foods.

- How to shop for health in the market.

- How to know if I am really hungry or not.

- How to eat out and still lose weight.

- How to read food labels.


Achieving your healthy weight depends on uncovering key factors and addressing key concepts. A natural health practitioner will help reveal opportunities and customize a plan to optimize your weight and health.

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